Saillogger Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Saillogger Partner Program is an affiliate program that allows participating partners to earn recurring commissions. To the best of our knowledge, it is the only affiliate program in the marine industry that offers recurring commissions at rates of up to 50%! If this sounds too good to be true, please read question 4 below!

Participating partners receive a unique referral link. Any new user who signs up for a Saillogger account through a paid subscription plan is then considered that partner's referral, and the partner receives 50% of the recurring subscription fees for the first year, and then 25% for subsequent years!

Anyone who has a trial or active Saillogger account can participate after agreeing to our terms of service. More details are available here. To get started, please follow this link!

Commissions are recurring on a monthly basis as long as your referrals remain on a paid subscription plan, and your Saillogger account stays active. During the first year, you will be eligible to receive 50% of the recurring subscription fees for each directly referred Saillogger customer. For subsequent years, you will be eligible to receive 25% of the recurring subscription fees.

Yes, this is real! If you're wondering what the catch is, there really isn't one. We should explain our thinking a bit, or this may not make sense.

We created Saillogger in 2019 to log our own trips. We built the product we wanted, and we loved what we built. We then decided to share it with others. Over the years, the love for the product has spread, and many more users have signed up; they love it too! Building a product for yourself is one thing, but creating something widely used is another. Costs have increased, both in tangible and intangible ways. Therefore, we reached a point where we needed to start charging for the service.

We have full-time jobs that we love, and making money isn't our primary goal at this stage in our lives, but we need to make Saillogger sustainable. That's when we established our principles, in this order:

  1. First and foremost, we love our product, and our primary goal is to keep it awesome!
  2. We want to ensure Saillogger's sustainability and would like our product to be used by many more boaters around the world! Also, we acknowledge operating a service like Saillogger is neither easy nor inexpensive.
  3. We're passionate cruisers who want to support other cruisers in realizing their dreams. That's why we've created a mechanism to enable people to earn recurring income, regardless of how small or significant it may be. We're fortunate enough to be able to do so, so why not!
  4. We are advocates of the open source software movement. Part of Saillogger is built on an open source project called Signal K, the best open source solution that has ever been built for the marine industry (well, along with OpenCPN). Building Saillogger without Signal K or other open-source software (such as Linux, Python, Apache, PostgreSQL, Node.js, to name a few) would be extremely challenging, if not impossible. We are supporters of Signal K and aim to continue and expand our support for open-source projects.

In summary, we consider ourselves privileged to have fulfilling careers and the opportunity to create a product as awesome as Saillogger. Our goal is to maintain its excellence and ensure its sustainability, all the while contributing to the boating and open-source communities. If you'd like to join, sign up!

Commissions are only earned for your direct referrals; there are no multi-level commissions. However, your referrals can also join the Partner Program to start earning their own commissions.

This might be the case if you or your referrals use a currency other than US Dollars. As a United States based platform, our balances settle in US Dollars. So if the payment or the payout is made with a different currency, you may notice exchange fees and differences due to changing foreign exchange rates. Unfortunately this is outside of our control.

Saillogger Partner Program requires an active subscription. Non-renewal of your subscription will result in the cancellation of your partnership agreement and forfeit any future commissions.

Referrals and commissions cannot be transferred between partners or users.

Referrals are counted only against new users that subscribe through your links with your referral code.

Don't worry, Saillogger remembers referrals for up-to 30 days. If the same user returns to create an account during that period, they'll be counted as your referral.

There are two notable exceptions to this:

  • They follow another partner's link to within that same timeframe. In that case, the last partner's link followed will be marked as the referring partner.
  • They use a promotion code during the registration process that is explicitly associated with a different partner. In that case, that promotion code will take precedence and account will be associated with the partner linked to that promotion code.

There is no maximum, you can refer as many users as you wish!

No commissions are paid on disputed payments or payments marked as fraud. If a dispute is filed after a commission is paid to you, we will deduct the same amount of commission from your upcoming payments.

Commissions are credited to your Partner Program balance 30 days after the referred customer's subscription payment is received. Once available in your balance, it's paid to your bank account on the first day of the following month.

In simpler terms, the initial commission may take 30 to 60 days to process, depending on the payment date. Afterward, you'll receive monthly commissions as long as the referred customer maintains their paid subscription, and your account remains active.

For privacy reasons, we cannot share the personal details of users who subscribe through your referral links, such as names, email addresses, boat names, etc. However, you can view the total number of referrals in various states, like active, trialing, or paying.

No, links to any page (excluding the ones that are starting with or cdn.saillogger) that contain your partner referral parameter will still count as a referral. So you can refer others through links to your trip details, stats or timelapse pages.

For example, a referral link to a timelapse page may look like this:{your_user_id}/?partner={your_partner_id} This is much more advanced though, so please make sure your manually created referral links are accurate. If you are not sure, don't use them. We do not accept responsibility in loss of referrals due to incorrectly created referral links and we cannot retroactively assign referrals for already created user accounts.

The simplest and safest approach is to pick the link from your partner dashboard.