Saillogger is a maintenance-free, fully automated marine log book created by boaters for boaters.

Saillogger automatically manages your marine log book, saves your tracks, calculates your statistics and most importantly, captures your memories while you are cruising and enjoying cocktails with your family and friends. You can watch a demo here.

Saillogger runs on your boat and stays with your boat, allowing you to monitor her remotely when you are away.

It is compatible with Victron Cerbo GX monitoring devices as well as other Victron GX series. If you are an advanced user, you can also run Saillogger on a Raspberry Pi or any other device that supports the open Signal K platform.

Saillogger is used by hundreds of boaters around the world and has logged more than 10,000 trips over 180,000 nautical miles, capturing memories in more than 5,000 locations over 62 countries.

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